Selected Publications

  • Diamanti K., Cavalli M., Pan G., Pereira M. J., Kumar C., Skrtic S., Grabherr M., Risérus U., Eriksson J. W., Komorowski J. and Wadelius C. (2019). "Intra- and inter-individual metabolic profiling highlights carnitine and lysophosphatidylcholine pathways as key molecular defects in type 2 diabetes". Scientific Reports 9(1):9653 [link]
  • Umer H. M., Cavalli M., Dabrowski M. J., Diamanti K., Kruczyk M., Pan G., Komorowski J. and Wadelius C. (2016). "A Significant Regulatory Mutation Burden at a High Affinity Position of the Ctcf Motif in Gastrointestinal Cancers". Human Mutation 37(9):904–913 [link]
  • Diamanti K., Umer H. M. , Kruczyk M., Dąbrowski M. J. , Cavalli M., Wadelius C. and Komorowski J. (2016). "Maps of context-dependent putative regulatory regions and genomic signal interactions". Nucleic Acids Res 44(19):9110-9120 [link]
  • Enroth S., Bornelov S., Wadelius C., Komorowski J. (2012). "Combinations of histone modifications mark exon inclusion levels". PLoS One 7(1): e29911 [link]
  • Andersson R., Enroth S., Rada-Iglesias A., Wadelius C. and Komorowski J. (2009). "Nucleosomes are well positioned in exons and carry characteristic histone modifications". Genome Research 19(10):1732-1741 [link]

All Publications

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