Welcome to Komorowski's BioInformatics Lab

Our laboratory is dedicated to machine learning for life sciences. Our research focuses on developing models of biological systems from big genomic data by developing machine learning, statistical methods and algorithms. Our aims are twofold: to contribute to automation of the modeling process and to make discoveries in life sciences. At the center of our work are models of complex regulatory mechanisms as they change in response to genetic and environmental factors. Our researchers and students pursue studies of, among others, transcriptome data, mutation and DNA modification data, metabolomics, screening and clinical data in the context of cancer, diabetes and viral diseases.

The lab collaborates with researchers in life sciences both in Uppsala and worldwide. We contributed to the ENCODE project and are members of the PCAWG - PanCancer Analysis of WHOLE GENOMES - initiative. We participate in a highly interdisciplinary project on diabetes type 2 funded by AstraZeneca. We work together with Professor Bozena Kaminska, Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology and other Polish scientists on developing an atlas for regulatory regions in the human brain. Most recently, we have established collaboration with the US Center for Innate Immunity and Immune Disease (CIIID) in Seattle, directed by Professor Michael Gale.

We host aspiring exchange students, including high school students, who wish to learn about advanced and emerging methods of analyzing and interpreting computational models built from big genomic data.

Laboratory director, Dr. Komorowski, is Chaired Professor of Bioinformatics. Previously, he was faculty member at Harvard University, Norwegian Institute of Technology in Trondheim, Norway, and Åbo Akademi University in Turku, Finland. He is also Visiting Professor at the Institute of Computer Science of Polish Academy of Sciences. He has published extensively, among others, in Nature Genetics, Genome Research, Nature, Nucleic Acid Research, and Bioinformatics.

Visit also our GitHub repository: Komorowski's Lab GitHub