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Note: Scripting of SVG images is currently not completely supported by all browsers. To get the best out of all features, we recommend that you use Mozilla Firefox.

Fill in the form below to submit a new job. It might take one or several minutes depending on the number of rules. The results will appear in the web browser, but you will also be notified by e-mail when the job is finished. Your results will be saved on the server at least for a month.

(between 1 and 99)
If selected, only connections with a score above the percentile threshold value are shown.

Rule format:

The e-mail will be used to notify you when the job is finished.

Advanced settings:

(between 0 and 1)
If selected, only rules with accuracy ≥ minimum accuracy are used.

If selected, only rules with support ≥ minimum support are used.

Specify how to group the conditions and/or the color of each group. Files from previous runs (crv_colors.conf and crv_groups.conf) may be used. If no files are specified, each attribute will be considered as one group and colors will be automatically generated.

Processing file